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Heal what has been hurt, change the fates’ design.

Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine.

What once was mine…

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So do i.

#this was such a cute deleted scene #and also look at allison’s face in the last gif #allison has apparently spent herself trying to be someone her parents are proud of #someone who is strong someone who isn’t a ~girly girl~ #so she shoves her art and poetry in a box and picks up a bow #and takes gymnastics for several years #and she scoffs at girls who like lady gaga bc lol she’s not that kind of girl #but really she’s listened to poker face and paparazzi and bad romance over and over again #bc it just makes her feel good #it doesn’t do anything else; just makes her feel good #and then she comes to beacon hills #and meets scott #who says #I WOULD CRY LIKE THE BIGGEST GIRLY GIRL EVER #I LISTEN TO LADY GAGA #and suddenly it’s okay to be who she is to not pretend #bc he doesn’t judge

#ugh my darlings #how completely comfortable scott is in his gender/sexuality is one of my favourite things

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au meme: dean takes care of renee while she’s sick

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posts saying white cis males suck


posts saying all men suck


friends reblogging those posts


posts saying wrestling sucks


posts saying all wrestlers suck


friends reblogging those posts


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Sasha per episode || I Ain’t a Judas

We just came from there.

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